At Aloha you’ve come to the right place if you want to bowl in Amsterdam. Whether you want to go out with friends, colleagues or family, at Aloha you’re guaranteed a tropical atmosphere where fun is number 1! Book our bowling alley online now! We offer bowling for all ages, next to Amsterdam Central Station – scroll on to see how to make the most out of your visit. Bowling starts on the hour.

Mon – Thu til 17:00 €31,00* Book here
Mon – Thu from 17:00 €35,00* Book here
Fri – Sun whole day €35,00* Book here

Max. 6 persons per bowling lane.

bowlen met 4 personen.
Aloha Party

Hawaiian Disco Bowling in Amsterdam

Two to three times a week we have a live DJ, focus on rock & disco, Hawaii, dancing and fun. Welcome to Aloha’s Rock ‘n’ Bowl – or bowling slightly different. Listen to the best rock & disco beats while enjoying a drink and let your hair loose for the weekend!

The bowling alleys

Aloha’s bowling alleys are quite an experience! Palm tree-lined white bowling lanes topped with LED lighting that delivers fantastic colour effects are just the beginning. Great music, an extensive snack & cocktail menu and a DJ spinning the tunes on weekends all contribute to an unforgettable experience where you feel like you are in a real tropical atmosphere!

How to bowl

Bowling is fun for young and old. You can enjoy bowling together.

  • A game of bowling consists of ten turns per player. Each player gets two chances per turn to knock down all the pins. When all pins are knocked down in the first throw, it is called a strike. When all remaining pins are knocked down in the second throw, it is called a spare.
  • When a player throws a spare in the tenth turn, he gets one last chance to collect the bonus points from the last turn.
  • If a player throws a strike in the tenth turn, he gets two extra last throws.
  • The winner is the player who has scored the most points and any bonus points after the ten turns.

Do you have more questions about how exactly to bowl? Ask one of our employees – they will be happy to explain. Or read the page with bowling tips!

From what age can you bowl?

You can bowl at Aloha from the age of 2. We provide bowling racks with 5 to 7 pound balls for our smallest visitors. In addition, side bumpers on the lanes can be used – this ensures they can bowl well above their level.

How long does bowling take?

At Aloha you can book the bowling alley on the hour, every hour.

You will be on the lane for 55 minutes, we use the last 5 minutes to prepare the lanes for the next reservations.