Crazy Golf

Imagine yourself in a tropical world filled with pirates, villains and underwater creatures. Magical black lights add an exciting effect to the game. Crazy Golf is fun for people of all ages. It can be enjoyed during children’s parties, company outings and even bachelor(ette) parties.

Mon – Thu til 17:00 €8,50 p.p. Book here
Mon – Thu from 17:00 €10,00 p.p. Book here
Fri – Sun whole day €10,00 p.p, Book here

Indoor minigolf in Amsterdam

Aloha offers indoor mini golf glow in the dark in Amsterdam for young and old. Our 12 holes provide entertainment for tourists and locals alike. Whether you’re looking to while away an hour or to challenge your opponents, at Aloha any levels of excitement is possible.

Book crazy golf at Aloha

You can reserve a round of crazy golf at Aloha via the orange link below. Will we see you soon?

How do you play crazy golf?

Crazy golf is played like regular minigolf. The goal is to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible.

  • Each stroke (putt) counts as one point
  • If the ball doesn’t end up in the hole after seven (7) strokes, you get eight (8) points for the hole and move on to the next hole
  • If you don’t make a hole-in-one (putt the ball into the hole on the 1st stroke), you continue from where the ball stops
  • If the ball is resting against the edge of the course, you can place it approximately 5cm away from the edge
  • If the ball goes out of bounds, you receive a penalty point and the following rules apply;
    • Ball exited before the 1st obstacle – go back to the beginning and start again.
    • Ball exited after the 1st obstacle – place it 5cm from the edge where it exited and continue playing from there.
  • Whoever has the fewest strokes after 12 holes WINS!